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It's difficult to write how I feel and to not think that I'm complaining about something that doesn't exist. 

I was having a good week, things were on the up I was getting a flat and I felt happy or at least I thought I was. Today everything just went downhill, I can't really afford a flat and I have nothing, I haven't seen any of my friends all week, no one has texted me. I've texted them to start of conversations but no one really cares. I'm alone. 

My boyfriend can't even be…


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long time

i have not been here for a very long time but things are rather bleak i have felt down for a while now i have no one to turn to as people are making life very defficult because i am on benefits and do not have a job because of health problems i was fostering for a dog rescue but they managed to pull the plug on that as well sorry i will get back

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i cant cope anymore

i dont know where to start.

my mood swings are getting really bad. in one moment i can go through so many feelings and emotions. at the moment i had to give up yet another job after a week as i cant cope. all i want to do is stay at home. dealing with people scares me i just want be with the people i feel comfortable with but now i am letting them down by giving up my job.

i just feel like such a failure and feel discusting with myself. the other day i self harmed but i want to…


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Here are some of my blogs so far from this year

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Stigmas Belong On Flowers

I feel annoyed when I hear people pass comment when it is about someone who has a mental health problem. (I don't even like saying mental health problem). It upsets me when I get told or witness someone who used to be strong become weak and unsure about getting help.

The title, "Stigmas Belong On Flowers" kind of does have a metaphorical aspect to it. A stigma (for anyone who is unsure) is the the sticky bit that comes out of the flower and collects pollen. A way to link this to…


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I'm Dave. I suffer from Chronic Mental Health Issues which were diagnosed several years ago and for which I take regular medication. I have had good support through the NHS, and I'm extremely fortunate that my family has been very supportive throughout the good and bad times.

Today I'm not having such a great day, it could be a lot worse but some days just suck! I get caught up in negative spirals and they go round and round and down and down.... I've been quietly imploding all…


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why am i not coping aswell as i should.

I do everything thats asked of me,i have to get new boiler and radiators installed in my home next week but we have to uplift everything laminate,carpets and valuables,i thought nae probs i will be ok in the end i wil benefit from this well it hit me this morning while all my flooring came up and furniture was moved around to suit the workies and i stood back at the awfull bareness of my rooms i started screaming inside screaming for everything to go back to were it belonged,i want to curl…


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A Year Later.

I have had the most extraordenary year.

This time last year i couldnt see past the self harming mental breakdown i was going through,i wanted to be dead i did try but when you are in the frame of mind i was in you tend to be very selfishnot careing for anyones feelings,i did alot of bad things in my life but this was the cruelist i had been to my loved daughter was distraught she was hurt big time with my self harming and now this new decision i wanted to be dead.I went to my…


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living with so many illness's

im 49yrs old,i love being 49yrs old you get a kind off self wisdom and respect yourself more when you get to my age,when i was younger all night partys,drink,drugs you name it i did it.i certainly didnt respect myself or my body.27yrs ago after the birth of my 3rd child i got very sick and got steven johnstone syndrome it has ruled my whole life since then,3 yrs ago i broke my back and was diagnosed with cervical stenosis and chronic pain 3 months ago i was put on citalipram as i tried to…


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Future attitudes towards mental illness / issues

Hi guys I am currently doing an investigation on the publics attitudes towards mental health and I was just wondering what yous all think attitudes are going to be like in the future on mental illness? And if anyone knows any charities or companies that have currently got plans to improve the publics attitudes on mental illness! I would be grateful for any information given. Thanks x

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Hi all I've just joined, I had no idea see me existed but I saw a poster at university and wanted to get in touch, I'm annoyed I miss the creative writing. Will there be anymore?

My mum has suffered from depression since I was about 10, I'm 22 now. I love her to pieces but I hate that as a grown up i'll never get to really know the mum she was before. My brother who was even younger can't remember her at all before she became ill.

I wrote about it here if you…


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how am i to cope with so many illness's

im stuck solid in this life where my body is my prison and my mind is my jailer,i had to give up my f/t job in 2010 as i had been on long term sick and would not get better,since then ive been at home i dont drive so theres no independance,if i go on a bus i feel everyones eyes on me,i have a collapsed vertabrae,cervical stenosis,chronic pain,s/j/s which means i cant take pain relief,i self harm and ive got serious depression,ive tried to kill myself twice in the past year i failed of course…


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Addiction: Are women more prone to shame and guilt than men?

Audrey Grant runs the Woman's Group at Castle Craig addiction treatment centre in Scotland, an activity that helps women in treatment to "open up" and find the courage to face their past and move on into a new life without drugs or alcohol.

In this video clip Audrey…


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Too intelligent to be crazy or too crazy to be intelligent?

I'm sick of the perception that I'm "too intelligent" to have the problems that I have because of my mental health. Many people who experience mental health issues say that they are perceived as 'stupid', 'crazy', 'useless' etc. I seem to have the opposite problem - my experience has been that there is this idea that if you articulate and "clever" you have no right to suffer or more importantly, to fuck up. 


Well I am a graduate, studying for a second degree. I speak…


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about me

I lack confidence,

* Not taken seriously

* feel denied the right to find men attractive

* Belittled and thought of as of low intellegence

* Made to feel bad and unlovable or unlikable (people feel unconfortable around me)

* I'm a cheery easy going person, love music, comedy film, those help

  me cope with being a loner but not a pathetic loner, still get on with things, i struggle but

  still try to keep going.

* I'm friendly, people…


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anger managerment and sudden death

Sitting here wondering how did it come to this least all the people a see get cash a have had 3 Physiatrists 7 support workers a have a cardioligist as well they spend £18,000 on a ICD Implantable cardio difibulator and £3000 on a stent sudden death seems to be good cash in it well if your dealing with it no living with it oh the Physiatrist there good anger management a can,t take antipsychotics. So lets give him diazepam and busperone won,t do much good but well a have been to the…


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Public Attitudes

Hi Everyone,


I have thought about adding myself to this site for a while and have finally decided to do it.  To be honest I have experienced small bouts of depression and anxiety after having both my children but all is well now and I can get through every day without medication.


I decided over a year ago that the one thing I wanted to do in life was to help others who have been affected by Mental Illness whether long term or short term.  I am now in my 1st…


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What's in a name?

Over the years, many people have been placed into an invidious position of having conferred upon them a diagnosis of 'schizophrenia' - a real conversation-stopper, even in circles like this one, where a lot of people will find this familiar territory but will be reluctant to be drawn into discussion for fear of treading a path of negativity where there is a distinct lack of constructional redeeming features in the landscape for people so diagnosed.  


I am seeking here to…


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eating disorder/depression looking for someone who will understand


seen this advertised on a letter when i was in the hospital tonight so thought i would join.

i have and eating deisorder and depression, i also hear something talking to me when there is no one there i haver spoke to anybody with the same problems as me. i haven't had a bad life and just wonder what the hell am…


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How to beat depression – without drugs - NEW BOOK

How to beat depression - without drugs

Dr Steve Ilardi is slim and enthusiastic, with intense eyes. The clinical psychologist is 4,400 miles away, in Kansas, and we are chatting about his new book via Skype, the online videophone…

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